Have A Poodle With Large Ears? How To Recognize & Treat A Poodle Ear Infection

Ear infections are common in many dog breads. Poodles, however, tend to have smaller ears and don't tend to get ear infections that often. The one exception to this poodle free ear infection rule are poodles with larger, floppier ears. Poodles with these types of ears tend to get ear infections more often because the open air cannot easily circulate around their ears. If your poodle has larger, floppier ears, make sure that you keep an eye out for the following signs of an ear infection and act appropriately when you see those signs.

3 Steps To Properly Grooming Your Cat

Cats are perfectionists when it comes to cleanliness. They wash their coats several times a day. However, your kitty will need a little help from you from time to time. Here are three ways to properly groom your cat.   Brush Your Pet It is important to regularly brush and comb your pet's hair. Brushing removes dirt, prevent tangles, keeps the skin clean and spreads natural oils throughout your kitty's coat. This grooming session should start with a metal comb.

Is Pet Sitting Or Pet Boarding Better For Your Special Needs Pet?

Many pets have ongoing disorders or diseases that can be treated to prolong and improve their lives, like kidney disease, feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus, and heart disease. If you have a pet with one of these conditions or another special need, you might think that having a pet sitter come to your home while you go on vacation is a good idea. While your pet may feel a bit more comfortable in their familiar surroundings, it isn't necessarily the best choice for their health, safety and wellness.