3 Steps To Properly Grooming Your Cat

Cats are perfectionists when it comes to cleanliness. They wash their coats several times a day. However, your kitty will need a little help from you from time to time. Here are three ways to properly groom your cat.  

Brush Your Pet

It is important to regularly brush and comb your pet's hair. Brushing removes dirt, prevent tangles, keeps the skin clean and spreads natural oils throughout your kitty's coat. This grooming session should start with a metal comb. You start from the head and end up at the tail using the comb.

This is followed up with a rubble or bristle brush. Combing loosen up any dead hairs and brushing allows you to remove them. You should also be very gentle around the stomach and chest area. According to WebMD, you should only brush a cat with short hair once a week and every day for one with long hair. 

Clip Your Pet Nails

A cat's nails grow in layers. This means he or she will feel the need to constantly sharpen their nails against coarse materials. This behavior removes the fraying and worn outer layer of the nails. It is also annoying for pet owners because their kitty may be messing up items in their home.

For these reasons, some pet owners choose to trim their pet's nails. You should start the trimming while your pet is a kitten. Cats are not fond of people touching their feet. If you start early, then he or she will learn to tolerate it.

Give Your Pet a Bath

Most cats are not fond of water. You want start bathing them young. It helps them to tolerate the water as they grow older.

Cats do not have to be bath on a regular basis. However, certain circumstances may require you to bath him or her. Your pet needs a bath when his coat is smelly, discolored or oily. To give your cat a bath, you will need bucket of warm water, towels and a shampoo for cats.

It helps to brush your cat and clip his nails before the bath. Brushing prevents you from getting wet tangles, which are harder to get out than dry ones. Clipping your pet's nails before a bath prevents him from scratching you or getting his nails caught in something. These things are important to do ahead of time to prevent from further distressing your kitty during bath time.

Your kitty's ears and eyes are very sensitive areas. If you want to protect these areas, then you should put cotton in your kitty's ears and eye ointment or a drop of mineral oil in his eyes. This treatment prevent the eyes and ears from getting irritated. If your cat objects to the cotton in his ears, then you can leave it out and dry his ears with cotton at the end of the bath.

Grooming sessions should be fun for you and your pet. It helps to show patience and to do the grooming on a schedule. Keeping your cat clean is an important part of him or her maintaining overall good health. For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from Town & Country Kennel Inc.