Using a Walking Service For Your Dog

Caring for your dog will involve more than just providing enough food and water. For those with indoor pets, it will be necessary to ensure that any dogs are getting walked on a regular basis. To assist with meeting this need, dog owners can use a walking service. However, dog owners may not be sure as to how these services will work or what to expect. Appreciate The Benefits Of Using A Dog Walking Service While You Are At Work

Three Positive Things About Dry Dog Food

When you get a new dog, one of the first decisions that you'll need to make is what type of dog food to feed your latest family member. It's important to do some online research about this topic, as well as to talk to your veterinarian and a knowledgeable employee of your local pet store. While some dog owners strongly advocate for wet dog food, there's a lot of value in providing your dog with dry food.

3 Tips For Preventing Marijuana Toxicity In Dogs

As more states legalize marijuana, accidental marijuana overdoses in dogs are on the rise. When a dog comes across marijuana, especially in the form of candy, a cookie, or other edible, they are likely to gobble it up without realizing what they're ingesting. An amount of marijuana that is safe for people can be extremely toxic for a dog, especially a smaller one. Even if your dog does not ingest enough marijuana to be in danger, they will feel sick, lethargic, and confused.

Frustrated Over Difficulty Grooming Your Dog? 3 Ways Professionals Can Help

When you have a dog with longer fur, it can become stressful to keep up with grooming them on your own. If you're not having a good time with grooming your dog on your own, it's a good idea to look for ways to make grooming your dog more enjoyable. Instead of handling everything on your own, consider the different ways that hiring a professional groomer can help. 1. Get a Stress-Free Nail Trimming

Important Factors For Those Needing To Board Their Pet

Boarding your pet when you are out of town can be the safest option for ensuring that your animal is kept safe and happy. Unfortunately, it is common for those that will be boarding their pet for the first time to feel a great sense of stress at the thought of leaving their animals at one of these facilities. In order to help you and your pet be as prepared as possible, you must be sure you are considering a few factors as you are making your preliminary plans for boarding your pet.