Adopted A Long-Coat Bunny? 3 Tips For Scheduling Routine Grooming Services

Bringing home your first pet bunny can come with some confusion since you may not be familiar with how their care differs from a dog or a cat. If you want to make sure that your long-coat rabbit is comfortable, especially when you live somewhere that gets quite hot, you need to look into what to expect from grooming services. With the following services in mind, you can make sure that your rabbit is well cared for and that they will be comfortable year-round.

Make Sure Your Bunny is Comfortable in Their Carrier

When you intend on bringing your pet bunny to a pet groomer, you need to make sure that they'll be comfortable while in the carrier. Before getting in your car and driving to the groomers, look into what you can do to make the carrier more comfortable for them.

The first idea to keep in mind is to make the carrier smell like home. This can make a big difference in how relaxed your rabbit is, making it important that your carrier has some items from home inside as well. Some good examples include laying down a blanket or even a shirt of yours. The scent of home will make your rabbit more relaxed, making it easier for them to be groomed without running into issues such as your rabbit getting uncomfortable.

Try to Find Groomers That Can Come to You If Possible

While you can certainly make the experience of traveling with your bunny to the groomer easier on them by getting them relaxed ahead of time and preparing their carrier swell, it's much easier to simply find a groomer that can come to you instead. What this will do is allow your bunny to get the grooming services that they need without the concern of putting them in a more stressed out position.

As you prepare for getting grooming done, keep an eye out for groomers that are familiar with grooming rabbits and have a mobile service so that they can come to you instead.

Pick Out the Grooming Services in Advance

An easy way to make grooming comfortable for your bunny is to pick out the grooming services ahead of time. By knowing what grooming services your rabbit will have, you'll know exactly how long the service will take. From nail trimming to coat brushing, your bunny can be well cared for and you won't need to worry about them being uncomfortable.

With the right steps taken, you can be confident that your bunny won't be uncomfortable during grooming and that you'll have a positive experience. To being your search for pet groomers, check out a place like Keshlyn Kennels.